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The Land of Thunder Dragon: Bhutan; The Kingdom in the mountains: Bhutan; The landlocked country in the eastern mountains of the Himalayan Mountain Range: Bhutan: The land of GNP: Gross National Happiness: Bhutan; The land of colorful Mask dances performed by the monks in various festivals in varied regions: Bhutan- this name is now worldwide spread and getting popular for its low volume and high value tourism around the globe.

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The land is dotted with Gompas, Shrines, Monasteries, memorial Stupas, Fortresses built as administrative houses as well as religious abodes for the Monks and Spiritual leaders. It is natural beauty where the festivals are celebrated in various pockets reflecting people’s life, gratification and are also considered as sacred offerings made in form of mask dances. Many times these religious mask dances are the depictions of the wheel of life or the Chakra one may pass through his birth the earth.

Bhutan is a now becoming the most popular destination for western world located in the high mountains. A variety of things you can do in Bhutan viz. The Terrific Tsechus, Mountains Treks, experience the profound influence of Buddhism in Bhutan, visiting the Rural Bhutan, the visit to the small shops throughout the country selling the vibrant fabrics in the western and central Bhutan that make a colorful souvenir, the bustling weekend market in Punakha, the beauty of the black neck cranes in Phobjika Valley coming all the way from Tibet during the extreme winter, a variety of flowers blooming in various seasons in Bhutan.

Western Bhutan tours offer you a choice of short and long treks, the culture rich festivals in Paro, Thimphu, Punakaha, Gasa and Haa valley. The Fortresses are architectural rich and worth visiting whist you enjoy the beauty in the mountains. Do-chula pass is one of the most popular pass you visit while on the way to Punakha or central or eastern Bhutan.

Central Bhutan comprises of the culture rich districts of Trongsa and Bumthang offering Alpine flowers tours, Nomad festivals and Matsutaki festivals oldest temples and Gompas, exotic wildlife and avifauna or enjoying the hot spring therapies.

The Eastern Bhutan comprises of popular Tashigang, Mongar, Lhuntse, Samdrup Jongkhar and Tashi Yangtse districts offering limited access for those who are more adventurous traveler rather than a tourist. The spiritual festivals and the sites are unique to absorb in this exotic part of Bhutan.

So why not this time make your holidays in The Land of Thunder Dragon: Bhutan.    

Best places to visit in Bhutan

Ideally Bhutan is a place that offers range of recreation activities and ample of things to do, but there is a summary of some of the best places that takes you to amazing and beautiful treks, unforgettable culture, natural sights and much more.

Taktsang Monastery in Paro

Taktsang is situated towards the North of Paro town on a high cliff. It was built in 1692. It has various religious beliefs attached to the place and it is said that guru Rinpoche flew here from Khenpajong on the back of a tigress and defeated a demon. Thereafter the place came to known as “Tiger’s Nest”. The place is a wonderful destination and is said that journey to Bhutan can never be said complete without visiting here. Visit here makes your journey in to a spiritual bliss and offers satisfaction. Just feel the exhilaration at the up-hill situated at almost two thousand feet above the ground level.

Drukgyel Dzong in Paro
If you are keen to hear the tale of Bhutanese warriors and how they defended the invaders from the North in the 17th century then it is a must to visit place. Though this place is largely sabotaged by fire in 1951 but outer walls and central tower still remains cynosure for many visitors. All in all it is a treat to travellers and offers blissful view to Mt. Jumolhari from the approach road to Drukgyel Dzong.

Rinpung and Ta Dzong in Paro
During the fifteenth the people of Bhutan offered crag of Hungrel at Paro to Lama DrungGyal, who was an heir of PajoZhingo and built a temple of five storeys. This temple was later recreated and established as the administrative monastic center of the western region and became famous as RinpungDzong. This place has religious sentiments attached of the local populace and is highly worshipped by them.

Punakha Dzong Punakha
Known as the Palace of Great Bliss, it was built in the year 1673 but damaged five times by fire and once by earthquake. Yet the place is retreat to visitors here and holds many important things that unravel its history embraced by it since centuries. It is indeed a perfect destination that offers fun-filled experience.

ChimiLhakhang -Punakha
It is one of the most revered temples that are situated at the periphery of fertile valley of Lobesa where the districts of Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdeuphodrang ideally meet. This temple is dedicated to Lama DrukpaKuenley, The Divine Madman; it is indeed a temple that is majorly popular as a temple of fertility.

The National Memorial Chorten- Thimphu
 It is both a chorten and a temple that has since occupied prominent place in the center of the main road that is at the south entrance of the city. It was constructed in the year in the year 1974 in the honor of the 3rd King who always wanted to construct a chorten to represent the mind of Budhha and dies before commencing the project.